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Balto's Forest Dream

My Dog and My best Friends Dog!
Balto Screen Shot's
Balto Screen Shot's
Journy to the White Wolf
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Balto and Balto2 adopted Charecters!

Welcome! I am Ebony. And this is the forest! This is my site about Balto! I'm also known as Alien_wolf59. This is a Balto fan site with Fan art, Links, Fan fic, and other.

Like I said this site is about Balto, the half dog half wolf. I loved this movie and I still do! Since I saw Balto i decided to collect Balto memorabilia. I don't have that much stuff but still it's balto! Enjoy my site and Have fun!


I added  Some new balto screen shots! They are in the first balto screen shots section. Or you can just got to the section updates for the new Update.


This site is (C) 2002 Alien_wolf59 do not take any thing without permission!
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